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"Ongoing" Consent During Sex Required By California College Students

(9 Oct 2015) Per a new law in California, all government and private post-secondary schools that receive state money for student financial aid must handle sexual assault accusations according to the standard that "affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity … lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent". The frequency of "ongoing" consent during sex is not defined.

Trump Not Supportive Of Individual Liberty

(9 Oct 2015) Trump said, "un-Republican thing for me to say" pledging "to take care of everybody" when it comes to health care. He said he’d cut a deal with hospitals to take care of everyone, and that "the government’s gonna pay for it". He also said, "eminent domain for the public good is a good thing". (Sources: 27 Sept 2015 60 Minutes, 6 Oct FOX News)

39 States Had Debt In 2014

(9 Oct 2015) The 5 states with the most debt per taxpayer were N.J. $52,300; Conn. $48,600; Ill. $45,000; Kentucky $32,600 and Mass. $27,400. Majorities in 4 of those 5 states voted for Czar Obama in 2012. The 5 states with the most surplus per taxpayer were Alaska $52,300; N.D. $28,400; Wyoming $22,600; Utah $4,200 and S.D. $4,000. Majorities in all 5 of those states voted for Romney in 2012. (Source Sept 2015 Truth in Accounting)

Best State Average Wind Electricity Production Is Only 43.7% Of Capacity

(9 Oct 2015) In 2013, Nebraska had the highest average wind electricity production as a function of capacity ... 43.7%. Tennessee had the lowest ... only 18.4%. However, Nebraska has very little capacity (812 MW) compared to Texas (15,635 MW). (Source: Energy Information Administration (EIA))

Redistribution Of $1 Trillion From Top 40% To Bottom 60%

(9 Oct 2015) In 2004, there was a transfer of roughly $1 trillion in economic resources from the incomes of the top 40% of households to the bottom 60%. The average household in the top 20% paid $69,704 in taxes, and received $21,515 in benefits and services. The bottom 20% paid $4,251 in taxes, and received $29,015 in benefits and services. (Source: 15 Sept 2015 Heritage Foundation)

California's Top 1% Pay 45% Of State's Taxes

(3 Oct 2015) The 1% California state income tax returns with the highest AGIs pay 45% of the taxes. In 2012, the 1% federal returns with the highest AGIs paid 38.1 % of the taxes. (Sources: IRS, 22 Dec 2014 Tax Foundation, Calif. Dept. of Finance, 2 Oct 2015 CNBC)

$31,800 Car You Can Only Drive 87 Miles

(3 Oct 2015) The Fiat 500e (electric) car is about the size of a fully enclosed golf cart (7.55 feet wheelbase) and has a range of 87 miles. It is so expensive (base model = $31,800 plus destination charge), it is only sold in California and Oregon. They are the only 2 states that force taxpayers to subsidize buyers.

Wind Turbines In My Backyard are Evil ... Solar Panels In Your Backyard Decrease Global Warming

(3 Oct 2015) In 2010, Thomas Melone, CEO of Allco Renewable Energy, petitioned to block Cape Wind, an offshore wind electricity project (130 turbines) in Nantucket Sound federal water. He claimed the project would affect his ocean view and reduce the value of his $15 million beachfront property in Edgartown, Mass. Now, Allco has issued scathing criticisms toward Vermont residents who claim clear-cutting of forest for Allco’s Chelsea Solar electricity project planned for Bennington's Apple Hill area will boost highway noise, destroy the natural wind buffer that protects homes in the area and affect their view. In a brief filed with the Vermont Public Service Board, Allco claimed, "The Chelsea Project will advance the goals of fighting the devastating impacts from climate change. Whatever the unsubstantiated and private concerns ... may be, they pale in comparison to the benefits provided by the Project." (Source: 19 Sept 2015 Watchdog)

Illegal Aliens 3.5% Of Population And 13.6% Of Offenders Sentenced For Crimes

(21 Sept 2015) Illegal aliens are: (1) 3.5% of the population, (2) 13.6% of all offenders sentenced for crimes, (3) 12% of all offenders sentenced for murder, (4) 20% of all offenders sentenced for kidnapping and (5) 16% of all offenders sentenced for drug trafficking. Between 2008 and 2014, legal and illegal aliens in Texas committed 611,234 crimes, including nearly 3,000 homicides. (Sources: Census Bureau, Sentencing Commission, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Government Accountability Office (GAO), Bureau of Justice Statistics, Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

Government Taking Over Health Insurance

(21 Sept 2015) In 2014, there were 115,470,000 with government health insurance at some time during the year ... 61,650,000 Medicaid and 50,546,000 Medicare. (Source: 16 Sept 2015 CNS News)

68% Of California Democrats Want Medicaid For Illegal Aliens

(21 Sept 2015) In a California poll, 48% indicated Medi-Cal (virtually free health care for low-income people) should be available to illegal aliens ... 69% of Latinos and 68% of Democrats agreed. The state budget includes $40 million in Medi-Cal funds for all people under 19, including illegal aliens, in low-income families. Medi-Cal is the name of Medicaid in California. 32.4% of California's population is covered by Medi-Cal. (Source: 15 Sept 2015 Los Angeles Times)

D.C. May Regulate Personal Trainers

(21 Sept 2015) The Council of the District of Columbia empowered the Board of Physical Therapy to create occupational licensing laws for personal trainers that are scheduled for a Sept. 22 vote. These authoritarian politicians think people are too stupid to select someone to help them exercise. No state licenses personal trainers. They would be required to register with the mayor's office and pay a fee. A draft of the rules would require personal trainers have a four-year degree. (Source: 15 Sept 2015 Watchdog)

Taxpayers Fund Medicaid For High-Income Residents

(4 Sept 2015) In 2014, MassHealth (Massachusett's Medicaid for low-income residents) spending surged 19%, partly because the state's online insurance exchange crashed. About 300,000 people were placed in MassHealth temporarily, regardless of their income. (Source: 2 Sept 2015 Boston Globe)

Immigrant Households More Likely To Receive Benefits From Taxpayers

(4 Sept 2015) 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least 1 kind of government benefit based on their low income, e.g., cash welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance; compared to 30% for native-led households. 76% of immigrant-led households with children receive at least 1 benefit. (Sources: 2012 Census Bureau Survey of Income and Program Participation, 2 Sept 2015 Center for Immigration Studies)

More Than $600 Million Spent On Sage Grouse In 8 Years

(2 Sept 2015) Sage grouse birds are not listed as "endangered" or "protected" ... there are between 200,000 and 500,000 of them in 11 states. The government has spent more than $400 million on sage grouse conservation since 2010 and $211 million will be spent over the next 3 years with nearly half to buy conservation easements ... land that can only be used for grazing and cannot be developed for other purposes. This will almost double the bird's protected habitat to 8 million acres by 2018. (Source: 28 Aug 2015 FOX News)

Illegal Aliens And Anchor Babies

(30 Aug 2015) Deportation of American citizens isn't an option. Deportation of illegal aliens is the only option. Where their children will live is up to the parents, not me. I respect family autonomy and the authority of parents. I don't think I know better than parents. I believe in freedom. It was their choice to come here illegally. It was their choice to have a child here who became an American citizen. It is now their choice to either keep their family together and take their child with them when they return to their home country or not. If they decide to leave their child behind, that is their problem, not mine.

General Motors Becoming China Motors -- Did China Thank U.S. Taxpayers?

(30 Aug 2015) In 2014, GM delivered 3.54 million vehicles in China and 3.41 million in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. (Source: General Motors)

Buying Guns From People Who Are Not Criminals Does Not Reduce Gun Crime

(30 Aug 2015) In 2014, Boston gave out a $200 gift card and a promise of protection from prosecution as long as the gun wasn't directly connected to a crime for each of 410 guns turned in. The goal was to take illegal and homemade guns off the streets in order to reduce gun-related violence. Non-fatal shootings have increased 43% this year. (Source: 24 Aug 2015 Media Research Center TV)

Fewer Than Half Of Food Stamp Recipients Are Children And Elderly

(30 Aug 2015) From 2004 to 2014, food stamp (SNAP) participation increased from 24 million to 46.5 million. Fewer than half are children and elderly. The program cost $74.1 billion in 2014. (Source: 22 Aug 2015 Daily Signal)

Families With Excessive Income Get Housing Assistance

(22 Aug 2015) 25,226 families received government assistance despite exceeding income thresholds. The taxpayers will pay $104.4 million over the next year for government housing units occupied by over-income families. (Source: Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Inspector General)

California Wind Electricity Is Inefficient ... Produces Only 11% Of Capacity In January

(20 Aug 2015) From January 2010 through May 2015, wind-generated electricity in California averaged only 11% of capacity in January and peaked at 42% in June. (Source: 11 Aug 2015 Energy Information Administration)

Graduating College With Loan Debt Of $35,000 And No Career Job

(16 Aug 2015) 71% of 2015 bachelor-degree recipients will graduate with an average student loan of $35,000. Only 14% of 2015 college seniors have steady, career-type jobs lined up after graduation. (Sources: After College, Edvisors, 8 May 2015 Wall Street Journal)

E-85 Is 14% More Expensive Than Gasoline To Drive The Same Distance

(16 Aug 2015) In April 2015, the average price of gas (up to 10% ethanol) sold was $2.42. The price of E-85 (average 70% ethanol) was $2.77, adjusted to reflect the lower energy content. (Source: April 2015 Dept. of Energy)

Expansion Of Medicaid Under Obama Care More Expensive Than Estimated

(16 Aug 2015) North Dakota's costs for expanding Medicaid under Obama Care are higher than had been projected. The revised cost estimate has increased from $2.9 million to $8.2 million for fiscal 2017. (Sources: Dept. of Human Services, 19 July 2015 Associated Press)

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