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327,000 Illegal Aliens Apprehended Crossing Border In FY 2016 Were Released, Not Deported

(26 Oct 2016) 408,870 illegal aliens were apprehended trying to cross the border in fiscal year 2016, compared to 331,333 in FY15. Approximately 80% of the illegal aliens that the Border Patrol apprehended were released, rather than immediately deported. (Sources: National Border Patrol Council, 17 Oct 2016 Dept. of Homeland Security)

Solar Received 25% Of Cash Subsidies And Produced 0.2% Of Electricity

(25 Oct 2016) In 2013, electricity production and federal utilities received $21 billion in direct cash outlays through federal programs, tax benefits, research and development funding, loans and guarantees. Wind received $5.9 billion, solar $5.3 billion and coal $1.1 billion. Wind produced 4.4% of the electricity, solar 0.2% and coal 39%. (Source: Energy Information Administration)

Existing Wind Farms To Produce Less Electricity And Receive Less Revenue

(25 Oct 2016) Between 600,000 and 900,000 bats are killed in the U.S. each year by wind turbines ... collisions with blades and barotraumas (low pressure created in the wake of spinning blades). The 125-turbine Wildcat Wind Farm in Indiana is going to slow or stop the turbines between sunset and sunrise, and purchase 253 acres for a bat summer habitat in order to legally continue killing bats. The 355-turbine Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Indiana is going to stop the turbines during low-wind conditions between sunset and sunrise to reduce fatalities by an estimated 50%. (Source: Bioscience, 17 Oct 2016 Anderson Indiana Herald Bulletin)

Expensive First Offshore Wind Farm Operation To Start Soon

(12 Oct 2016) The 5-turbine wind farm off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island is supposed to generate enough electricity for 17,000 homes. The construction cost will be $17,650 per home. Under a 20-year agreement, the regional utility company will receive 24 cents per kilowatt hour with guaranteed increases over time. The U.S. average for electricity is 12.3 cents. (Source: 4 Sept 2016 Washington Post)

Illegal Aliens Illegally Received Medicare

(8 Oct 2016) An audit found that in 2013 and 2014, Medicare paid out 14,530 claims totaling $9.27 million for 481 illegal aliens. (Source: Sept 2016 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Inspector General)

Obama Care Failed GAO Subsidy Fraud Investigation

(4 Oct 2016) In 2014, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) began investigations to test whether the federal health care exchange and state marketplaces were able to detect and stop applications that fraudulently claimed subsidized health coverage. Their applications contained false proof of income, false documentation of citizenship and 9-digit identification numbers that began with zeros. 11 of 12 fake applications received subsidized coverage. On 25 June 2015, Czar Obama said, "This law is working exactly as it's supposed to". In 2015, 10 of those 11 with fake applications were re-enrolled for coverage with subsidies, even though 8 of the 10 failed the preliminary identity check. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that subsidized health coverage through Obama Care will cost taxpayers $866 billion over the next 10 years. (Sources: 25 June 2015 CNN, 12 Sept 2016 GAO, 13 Sept Citizens Against Government Waste)

Obama Bankrupted Coal Companies ... Bailout May Be Forced On Taxpayers

(24 Sept 2016) Czar Obama and wannabe-czar Clinton vowed to bankrupt coal companies. Now, the United Mine Workers of America union cannot afford the miners’ pension and health care plans because they have fewer dues-paying members. No problem ... the union lobbied Congress and S.1714 was approved by the Senate Finance Committee 18-8 to provide a taxpayer-funded bailout. Obama and Clinton should provide the bailout. (Source: 22 Sept 2016 Daily Signal)

Cost To Taxpayers Of Nonelderly Adult Immigrants Without High School Diplomas

(24 Sept 2016) Nonelderly adult immigrants without high school diplomas will create an average net fiscal cost (benefits received minus taxes paid) in both their generation and their second generation of $231,000 (present cost ... amount the government would have to invest today at inflation plus 3% to cover the net cost over the next 75 years). The cost over that period would be $640,000 in constant 2012 dollars. 4 million of this category of immigrants have arrived since 2000 and continue to reside here. The net present cost of these immigrants is $924 billion. (Source: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine)

California To Start Regulating Cow Farts And Poop

(24 Sept 2016) A few years ago, California installed sensors to measure methane and hydrofluorocarbon gases resulting from cow farts and poop at dairy farms. Gov. Moonbeam signed Senate Bill 1383 on Sept. 19 to require the State Air Resources Board to regulate these "short-lived climate pollutants". The legislature declared these gases are "powerful climate forcers that have a dramatic and detrimental effect on air quality, public health and climate change". The requirement is 40% below the levels that existed statewide in 2013. Implementation of a Board-approved strategy must begin by 1 Jan. 2018. (Source: 19 Sept 2016 California Legislative Information)

Clinton Foundation Is A Fraud

(22 Sept 2016) The 65-page 2014 IRS Form 990 filed by the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation shows $7.8 million was spent on travel and $5.2 million on charitable grants (only 5.7% of its 2014 budget). $34.8 million was spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits. (17 Sept 2016 Daily Caller)

Production Of Cars Moving To Mexico

(18 Sept 2016) In early 2017, Fiat Chrysler will stop making cars in the U.S. -- will only make pickup trucks and SUVs in the U.S. Cars will be made in Mexico and Canada. The average manufacturing hourly wage in Mexico is $2.20, compared to $20.46 in the U.S. Ford will start making all its small cars in Mexico over the next 2 to 3 years. (Sources: 28 July 2016 USA Today, 14 Sept FOX Business)

3 Most Liberal Cities With Over 250,000 Residents

(18 Sept 2016) San Francisco, followed by Washington D.C. and Seattle. (Source: The Economist)

Chicago Is Scary Place

(3 Sept 2016) So far this year, Chicago (population 2.7 million) has recorded more people shot and more homicides than LA and NY combined (population 12.5 million). (Source: 2 Sept 2016 The Constitution)

The USPS and Democrats Want Taxpayers To Rescue USPS Retirees

(3 Sept 2016) The USPS, an independent agency of the U.S. government, has not received taxpayer dollars since the early 1980s, except for subsidies associated with overseas and disabled voters. The USPS has lost more than $40 billion since 2010, including more than $3 billion in the first 9 months of this fiscal year. It owes tens of billions of dollars for Treasury loans and payments to the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). Democrats want to eliminate the pre-funding requirement for benefits and pensions, increasing the risk the USPS will request taxpayers to fund these obligations. Federal law requires private companies to fully fund their pensions, but not retiree health benefits. The USPS has over 600,000 employees and millions of retirees. Congress required funding of their retiree health benefits because the office that manages federal retiree benefits argued the entire federal health benefit fund would otherwise be at risk. (Source: 24 Aug 2016 Townhall)

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