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Social Security Is A Terrible Retirement Plan

(13 Mar 2016) If my Social Security taxes had been placed in a private account and earned only 4.48% per year, the current monthly income would be equal to the monthly after-tax payment I receive. When I die, my heirs would receive $339,000. Instead, they will receive nothing from Social Security.

34% Of Federal Income Tax Returns Paid No Taxes And Received A Check From The IRS

(11 Mar 2016) In 2013, 44.2% of residents paid no federal income taxes. 33.7% of the returns filed paid no income taxes and received a check from the IRS. (Sources: IRS, 17 Feb 2016 Daily Signal)

45.3 Million Benefit From Food Stamps ... $5.73 Billion Per Month

(8 Mar 2016) In October 2015, there were 45,368,265 food stamp (SNAP) beneficiaries ... cost taxpayers $5.73 billion per month. (Sources: Dept. of Agriculture, 12 Feb. 2016 Washington Free Beacon)

Boeing Lobbied For Corporate Welfare

(8 Mar 2016) The Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank provides subsidized financing for foreign firms and governments to purchase American exports. In 2015, The Boeing Company spent the most ($21.9 million) in lobbying the Ex-Im Bank. Who benefitted the most from Ex-Im Bank loan guarantees and total financing? Boeing ... 69% and 44% of the totals, respectively. (Source: 9 Feb. 2016 The Hill)

E-85 Is 31% More Expensive Than Gasoline To Drive The Same Distance

(15 Feb 2016) In Dec. 2015, the average price of gas (up to 10% ethanol) sold was $2.35. The price of E-85 (average 70% ethanol) was $3.07, adjusted to reflect the lower energy content. (Source: Feb 2016 Dept. of Energy)

California High-Speed Train Off To Very Slow Start

(15 Feb 2016) In 2008, California voters authorized selling $9.9 billion in bonds for a high-speed rail system that is currently to be 520 miles long at a cost of $68 billion. Only 63% of the parcels needed for the first 29 miles have been purchased. (Source: 7 Feb 2016 Associated Press)

Massachusetts Medicaid Increased 73% In 7 Years

(5 Feb 2016) MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid) cost $8.5 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2009 (starting July 1) and is projected to cost $14.7 billion in FY 2016. (Source: Mass Taxpayers Foundation)

Higher Minimum Wage ... Fewer Jobs

(26 Jan 2016) The Oakland, California Walmart had 400 employees and closed on January 17, but the two in San Leandro (approximately 1.5 and 4.5 miles away) will not close. Oakland has a minimum wage ($12.55 per hour) that is 25.5% higher than San Leandro's. Oakland does not reveal store sales-tax revenue, but the Walmart store was in the top 25. (Source: 22 Jan 2016 Daily Signal)

Detroit Youth Will End Up On Welfare

(24 Jan 2016) 92% of Detroit 8th-graders cannot read proficiently. (Sources: U.S. Dept. of Education, 20 Jan 2016 Daily Signal)

Must Have Been The College Students That Majored In Underwater Basket Weaving

(24 Jan 2016) 9.6% of college graduates indicated that Judith Sheindlin (“Judge Judy”) was on the U.S. Supreme Court. (Source: research by GfK for Jan 2016 American Council of Trustees and Alumni)

Cut Puerto Rico Loose, Just Like The Philippines In 1946

(18 Jan 2016) Puerto Rico (P.R.) was claimed for Spain in 1493 by Columbus during his 2nd voyage. In 1898, following the Spanish American War, Spain ceded P.R., the Philippines and Guam to the U.S. under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. In 1946, the U.S. recognized the Philippines as an independent nation. The U.S. should do the same with P.R.

Supporting Them With Taxpayers' Money Is How Democrats Buy Their Votes

(18 Jan 2016) 46.7% of young blacks (18-29) without a high school diploma and 34.4% with only a high school diploma are unemployed. Among young Hispanics, 33.0% and 25.1%, respectively, are unemployed. (Source: NumbersUSA)

50% Of Federal Tax Returns Paid Only 2.8% Of Taxes

(8 Jan 2016) In 2013, the top 1% (ranked by adjusted gross income, AGI) of federal personal income tax returns had 28.9% of AGI and paid 37.8% of the taxes. In 1980, they paid 19.3% of the taxes. In 2013, the top 50% of returns paid 97.2% of the taxes. (Source: National Taxpayers Union)

Medicaid And Medicare Pay Doctors Less Than Private Insurance Companies

(2 Jan 2016) Only 45% of non-pediatric primary care physicians accept new Medicaid patients and 72% accept new Medicare patients. (Source: 30 Oct 2015 Kaiser Family Foundation)

Low Income California Latinos Complain "Free" Health Care Isn't Good Enough

(2 Jan 2016) Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid) covered 12.7 million people (1 of every 3) in July 2015, up from 7.6 million 4 years earlier. The 2016 fiscal year budget is $91 billion, up from $59.3 billion 4 years ago. Groups in California have filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging that Latinos are being denied access to health care because Medi-Cal does not pay doctors enough (nationally, only 69% of doctors accept Medicaid patients and the patients wait an average of 42 days to see a doctor). (Sources: Health Affairs, California Dept. of Health Care Services, 31 Dec 2015 Los Angeles Times)

Liberals Claim Rich Don't Pay "Fair Share Of Taxes"

(5 Dec 2015) In 2013, the top 1% of federal tax returns by adjusted gross income paid 38% of the taxes. The top 10% paid 70% and the top 50% paid 97%. The bottom 50% paid only 3%. (Source: National Taxpayers Union Foundation)

59,000 Fewer Receive Food Stamps In Maine

(5 Dec 2015) Maine reduced food stamp (SNAP) enrollment from 256,000 in Feb. 2012 to 197,000, in large part due to eliminating the work-requirement waiver. Non-disabled residents between 18 and 49 without children are required to work at least 20 hours per week, volunteer at least 24 hours per month or attend vocational training in order to receive food stamps. Those who are caring for an incapacitated adult, are currently receiving substance abuse treatment, are in school at least half-time or are pregnant, are exempt from meeting the new requirements. (Sources: Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services, 19 Nov 2015 Daily Signal)

Czar Obama: "Cut The Average Family's Premium By About $2,500 Per Year"

(5 Dec 2015) The average total company-provided health insurance premium increased from $9,447 per employee in 2011 to $11,032 in 2015. The employee portions averaged $2,026 in 2011 and $2,490 in 2015. Employees averaged another $2,208 in out-of-pocket costs (such as copayments and deductibles) in 2015. The average total employee cost increased from $2,001 in 2005 to $4,698 in 2015. (Source: 11 Nov 2015 USA TODAY)

Most Government-College Athletics Programs Are Not Profitable

(5 Dec 2015) In the 2010-11 school year, only 22 of the 51 government-college athletics programs with the most revenue were profitable, excluding institutional subsidies. Only 23 of 228 Division-I athletics programs were profitable. (Sources: USA Today, 15 May 2012 and 19 May 2013 SB Nation)

Start Of End Of Another U.S. Manufacturing Industry?

(20 Nov 2015) Last spring, Volvo became the first company to import cars from a plant in China. General Motors (GM), after agreeing to a new union contract that is expected to increase its U.S. labor costs, plans to import Chinese-made cars (Buick Envision) early in 2016. GM has 58,000 employees at 11 joint ventures, 2 wholly owned foreign enterprises , a research and development center, a test facility and a parts / repair / maintenance facility in China. GM sold 3,539,970 vehicles in China in 2014 ... more than it sold in the U.S. / Canada / Mexico.

Illegal Aliens Earn Money In U.S. And Send It To Mexico

(20 Nov 2015) In 2013, illegal aliens sent $22 billion back to Mexico ... money that will be spent in Mexico. (Source: FOX News Latino)

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