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SSDI Trust Fund Nearly Empty

(8 Aug 2015) The Social Security disability trust fund will run out of money in late 2016 and trigger an automatic 19% cut in benefits. (Source: 22 July 2015 Associated Press)

44 States Have Waived 20-Hour-Work-Week Requirement To Receive Food Stamps

(8 Aug 2015) Federal law requires able-bodied adults without dependents to work at least 20 hours per week or lose food stamp benefits after 3 months. In 2006, only 6 states had waived the work requirement. Now, 44 have waived the requirement. 4.8 million are receiving food stamps due to the elimination of work requirements. To be eligible for food stamps in 2000, 47 states had asset tests. Federal law states one is eligible if liquid assets are less than $2,000 ($3,250 in homes with disabled or elderly members). Now, asset tests are gone in 35 states, and weakened in 5 others. The removal of the asset test has added 1 million people to the program. (Sources: Foundation For Government Accountability, 14 July 2015 Townhall)

San Francisco Minimum Wage Increase Causes 10% Increase In Menu Prices

(8 Aug 2015) After SF raised its minimum wage from $10.74 to $12.25 per hour, Chipotle restaurants increased its prices all across the menu by an average 10.5%. Chipotle restaurants in cities like Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago and Orlando saw increases averaging 0.5% across all items. Next year, SF's minimum wage will rise to $13, followed by $14 in 2017 and $15 in 2018. (Sources: William Blair weekly survey, 6 July 2015 Investor’s Business Daily)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Released 66,000 Convicted Criminal Aliens In 2 Years

(25 July 2015) ICE released 36,000 convicted criminal aliens in 2013 and 30,000 in 2014. (Source: House Judiciary Committee)

States Along Mexican Border Dominate Federal Criminal Cases In District And Magistrate Courts

(25 July 2015) 41.7% of the federal criminal cases that U.S. attorneys filed in district courts in fiscal 2014 were in the 5 districts along the U.S.-Mexico border (Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Western Texas and Southern Texas). 5,832 criminal cases were filed in Western Texas and 5,517 in Southern Texas, each more than the total of 5,257 cases filed in the 17 districts that stretch from the Western District of Washington to the District of Maine. The defendants found guilty in the 5 districts along the U.S.-Mexico border equaled 36.6% of those found guilty in all 93 districts. Of the criminal defendants found guilty in the magistrate courts, 93.8% were in the 5 districts along the U.S.-Mexico border. (Source: Dept. of Justice)

21% Of Population Receiving Government Assistance Because Of Their Low Incomes

(25 July 2015) In 2012, there was a monthly average of 52.25 million low-income people (21.3% of population) benefitting from a government assistance program. (Source: Census Bureau)

More Than 40% Of Hispanics Living In Poverty Are Minors

(18 July 2015) In 2013, 42.5% of Hispanics living below the federal poverty level were under 18 ... 38.4% of blacks ... 21.8% of whites ... 20.6% of Asians. (Source: Census Bureau)

California Issuing More Driver Licenses To Illegal Aliens Than To Legal Residents

(18 July 2015) In the first 6 months of 2015, California issued 397,000 driver licenses to illegal aliens and 362,000 to legal residents. (Sources: California Dept. of Motor Vehicles, 18 July 2015 Fox News)

4 Of The 5 Counties With Most ICE Detainer Refusals Are In California

(18 July 2015) During Jan.-Aug. 2014, there were 276 counties in 42 states plus D.C. that refused to comply with ICE detainers. The largest numbers of detainers refused were in Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Alameda and San Diego counties in California; and Miami-Dade County in Florida. (Source: 8 Oct 2014 Dept. of Homeland Security Law Enforcement Systems & Analysis)

Overwhelmed By Illegal Aliens

(18 July 2015) At least 121 murders have been committed by criminal aliens that were released by the U.S. government since 2010. There are 168,680 convicted criminal aliens living in the U.S. who have been issued final orders for deportation. There are another 179,018 convicted criminal aliens living in the U.S. who are currently in deportation proceedings. In the first 8 months of 2014, there were 8100 deportable illegal aliens, including 3000 felons, that were released after arrest in approximately 300 sanctuary cities after ICE had issued a detainer seeking custody. In the first 5 months of FY2015, only 181 companies were investigated by the federal government for hiring illegal workers, compared to 3000 in FY2013. (Sources: Center for Immigration Studies, Sen. Sessions, Sen. Grassley)

VA Medical Center Near Denver Will Cost Over 5 Times Original Value

(18 July 2015) What was originally estimated in 2005 to cost just $328 million with a cap of $880 million, has grown to an incredible $1.73 billion. (Sources: Dept. of Veterans Affairs, American Prosperity)

Dumb Washington Politicians Handed Boeing $8.7 Billion Tax Break With No Strings Attached

(6 July 2015) In 2013, the state of Washington gave Boeing the biggest tax break in history, $8.7 billion through 2040. Since then, Boeing has moved more than 3,500 jobs to other states (South Carolina, California, Missouri and Oklahoma) and another 2,000 transfers are in the works. The Washington legislature did not make the taxpayers' gift contingent on any Boeing action. (Source: 20 May 2015 Fox News)

Teamsters Spend Members' Dues To Lobby Bill To Allow Cuts In Retiree Benefits

(6 July 2015) In 2014, the Teamsters and its affiliates spent nearly $5.9 million on lobbying and political contributions. One of its main legislative targets was passage of the pension reform law that allowed the Teamsters to start reducing benefits. The law allows multiemployer pension funds to cut benefits to employees and retirees if the plan is underfunded by at least 20%. The Teamsters has begun informing employees and retirees that their pension benefits may soon be cut. (Source: 21 May 2015 Washington Times)

Will Liberal Politicians Jump In Bed With Unions?

(6 July 2015) Los Angeles recently hiked its minimum wage to $15 an hour and unions strongly support the ordinance. Now, the unions are lobbying the city council to exempt unionized companies from the higher rate. If they get their way, only unionized companies could pay less than the new minimum wage. An exemption would enable unions to offer businesses lower wages in exchange for unionizing. (Source: 29 May 2015 Daily Signal)

If You Are A Low-Income Earner In Puerto Rico, Why Work?

(5 July 2015) A household of 3 eligible for food stamps, AFDC, Medicaid and utilities subsidies could receive $1,743 per month, compared to a minimum-wage earner's after-tax pay of $1,159. It is no surprise only 40% of the adult population is employed or looking for work. The population declined for the first time in 2006, and has decreased from more than 3.8 million to less than 3.6 million. (Source: 29 June 2015 Puerto Rico - A Way Forward)

Solar Plant Producing Only 40% Of Design Value

(5 July 2015) The $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar power project in California's Mojave Desert is supposed to generate more than a million megawatt-hours of electricity each year. After 15 months, the plant is producing just 40% of that amount. (Source: U.S. Energy Dept., 15 June 2015 National Center for Policy Analysis)

Sotomayor Claims Property Rights Not Violated If Only Some Of Your Property Is Confiscated

(25 June 2015) A 1937 law that allows the Dept. of Agriculture to manipulate the prices of crops by controlling the supply that reaches the marketplace resulted in a 1949 marketing order that allows raisin farmers to form a committee that decides how much of the crop must be turned over to the government each year. The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that it is unconstitutional for the government to force raisin farmers to give up part of their annual crop for less than it's worth. The Court rejected the government's argument that the plaintiff voluntarily chose to participate in the raisin marketing order when he decided not to grow a different crop. Justice Sotomayor, chosen by Czar Obama, was the lone dissenter. Her support for a more authoritarian government was evident when she argued the raisin supply control program was constitutional because it did not deprive the plaintiff of all property rights, it just limited the amount of potential income the plaintiff could earn from part of his raisin crop. (Source: 23 June 2015 Associated Press)

21.3% Of People Get Assistance Based On Their Low Income

(25 June 2015) In 2012, an average 21.3% participated in major government assistance programs for low-income people. Medicaid had the highest participation rate … 15.3%. Food stamps was 13.4%. The black participation rate was 41.6% … Hispanics 36.4% … Asians / Pacific Islanders 17.8% … non-Hispanic whites 13.2% … female head-of-households 50% … did not graduate from high school 37.3%. (Source: 28 May 2015 Census Bureau)

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